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A reminder how our challenges can actually create community. It made me wonder on the issue of Tsunamei Relief and deforestation is there a way to view this as a community building opportunity


Thanks to Mark for this story. What this made me really think through are the dynamics that exist in the context vs. the situation with hurricane Katrina. Two similar scenarios -- 1 handled effectively and the other very poorly. Curious what the primary differences are here and how the third side can assist in this context?

Kurt O'Brien

An intriguing story from Mark, and thought provoking comments/questions from Katia & Josh. One of the things that stirkes me about the two scenarios (the Netherlands and Louisiana) is that one takes a very proactive approach, while here in the US it was very reactive. Although the aftermath of Katrina was tragic, stories abound of the selfless response to help. Even today people from around the country are still volunteering their time to help with cleanup and getting people back on their feet. And while this response is wonderful, I wonder, what can we learn from the Dutch about proactively addressing the issue and involving community early on? Are we so caught up in our daily lives that it naturally leads to a more ractive mindset?

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