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Josh Weiss

I would propose a few things:

1. Look to precendents of how this kind of issue was solved in other cities. There are many examples.

2. See how to frame this so that the community and city as a whole benefit from this project and not just the key people involved. Theoretically, all people could benefit from a well designed project such as this.

3. Reframe the problem away from the either or approach now at play. I want this/I don't want this does not get people very far. What is motivating each side and can those interests be satisfied in a creative manner.


My questions are to the radio stations.

1 - What do you expect to achieve with your on-air campaign for the bill?

2 - Does your campaign and position support your community as a whole?

3 - If there could be a resolution that can support each party would you choose it?

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